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Nesti Dante is Italian manufacturer of high-class soap. Rich history of the manufacturer throws back to year 1947, when young Italian named Nesti began to boil soap. His products quickly gained recognition and small family business gradually developed into manufacturing company with a factory. These products are well-known throughout Europe first of all due to its excellent quality, which is achieved owing to the quality of natural ingredients used for the soap. This soap is often positioned as premium-class soap. In order to understand why it is so expensive and why, in spite of this, it is popular in many European countries, it is necessary to know the methods of production.

Italian soap-boilers produce their soap masterpiece following an old technology, without chemical dyes and fragrances. Boiling process takes place in large boilers and lasts for 5 days. When the first phase is completed, the resulting raw material settles for some time and then divides into three layers. Only the upper layer, so-called "cream", is used to make own soap. And the remaining layers are being successfully sold to manufacturers of ordinary inexpensive soap. Since the upper layer in the boilers is the smallest, the price is fully reasonable, as in fact huge boilers about 12,000 liters big give not so much of final product.

Also worthy of attention components that are used for the production of this soap. If you look at the composition of the different series of soap, you will see something like the following:

Nesti Dante Exclusive Gold Soap

Baby soap – honey, calendula extract, almond protein.

Chocolate soap – natural cocoa butter.

Exclusive Gold Soap – 24 carat gold leaves.

Vegetable soaps – extracts of plants (often drug plants).

Tropical soap – extracts of tropical fruits.

This approach to production is noticed by the end user. This soap has excellent properties for the skin without drying it does not cause irritation. Furthermore, after washing, feeling of cleanliness remains a long time, even in hot weather. These aromas achieved thanks to the natural elements, too, are remembered for a long time. A Florentine paper, in which is packed every piece of soap, complements perfectly the overall picture and makes this soap, truly elite product. Buying from our online store, the customer can be sure of the quality of the product and perfect service. Delivery to all cities of Ukraine, by courier services.

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