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Nesti Dante AmorinoDante Amorino is soap line from Nesti Dante that embodies Italian love of romance. In this Nesti line Cupids theme is beautifully embodied in three kinds of fragrant soap.

Three kinds of Amorino soaps give you unforgettable relaxation moments. ‘Dream at the Sea’ has calming effect and helps to relax. "Lily Tenderness" gives freshness and liveliness. "Rose Bouquet" provides romantic and tender fragrance. Dante Amorino soap wraps you with tender fragrances and gives you relaxation and light heart feeling.

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Dreamy angel decorated the packaging of natural soaps "Tenderness lilies", adjusts to the romantic wave and gives a feeling of serenity and bliss.

100.00 uah.

"The dream of the sea" - soap by hand and cooked in its composition contains only vegetable extracts and natural ingredients, does not dry the skin and cause irritation. 

100.00 uah.

"Bouquet of Roses" creates a romantic mood, refreshing feeling and evoking fond memories of love. 

100.00 uah.
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