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Nesti Dante Gift sets

What is the difference between a good gift and an ordinary one? A good gift is always remembered. Talking about long memorable gifts it should be clarified that such gifts should be practical, colorful and durable. Nesti Dante soap sets meet all three criteria - they are colorful, due to the package of each soap, they are durable, because six bars of soap will endure for a long time, and for really obvious reasons, they are practical. Each soap set consists of six 100g bars of soap bound with a presentation ribbon and a bright bow. Generally these sets consist of all types of soap of one collection. We propose six gift sets according to the six collections of soap - Philosophia, Fruit, Romantica, Emotions in Tuscany, Dolce Vivere and an exclusive gift set “Floral Notes”.

Gift sets are often presented as a great gift which is similar to Gli Officinalli, which is bought as a small present due to its colorful packing. It is like a complete composition combining the full range of flavors which were chosen by masters. As far as each set of soap, as well as its separate bar, is packaged in a wrapper of Florentine paper, the owner of a gift will get six unforgettable moments of joy from each bar of soap.

It is not always easy to find a good gift. But sometimes it happens that more than one perfect gift is found. In such situation, you may will to present several gifts at once, but in order to make it appropriate, it is necessary to present them properly. Thanks to our gift sets, you do not need to choose one soap in the collection. Now you may present the whole collection which moreover will be lovely packaged, which will save your time for wrapping a gift and thinking about its d?cor. Having a soap set as a present, one may enjoy all kinds of soap: one may feel all the effects of Philosophia soap, all the flavors of the Fruit soap collection and may see colorful images of all the cities of Dolce Vivere collection.

Gift sets are specially packaged in such a way that their frontage is clear. You will immediately give rise to surprise and delight after giving a gift with such design. Colorful packaging of each soap of the set very strongly attract very strong attention, moreover, gathered in one set all at once they will induce admiration of its owner.

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 The entire series of "Emotions in Tuscany" in a gift box. 

470.00 uah.

The entire series of "Philosophy" in a gift box.

470.00 uah.

Fruit soap gift set

470.00 uah.

Dolce Vivere gift set

470.00 uah.

The entire series of "Romance" in a gift box.

470.00 uah.

Soap, which is not represented in other series.

485.00 uah.
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