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Nesti Dante Vero MarsigliaVero Marsiglia is soap, which gives your skin softness, tenderness and silkiness. Soap does not contain alkali and synthetic ingredients; it does not dry the skin, but perfectly cleans it.

This line has six different fragrances that take perfect care of your skin:
- "Olive Oil Marseille Soap" - classic soap with olive oil gives the skin silkiness and tenderness;
- "Green Mint Marseille Soap" - soap with the scent of green mint helps to relax after working day;
- "Honey Marseille Soap" - soap with the scent of honey perfectly cleans and nourishes the skin;
- "Propolis Marseille Soap" - soap with propolis has a wholesome effect on the skin regeneration;
- "Almond Marseille Soap" - soap with almond scent helps to take off the weariness;
- "Neutro di Marsiglia" - classic neutral soap.

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Vero Marsiglia - Classic soap Neutro di Marsiglia  

70.00 uah.

Vero Marsiglia - Olive Oil Marseille Soap

70.00 uah.

Vero Marsiglia - Green Mint Marseille Soap 

70.00 uah.

Vero Marsiglia - Honey Marseille Soap 

70.00 uah.

Vero Marsiglia - Beeswax Marseille Soap  

70.00 uah.

Vero Marsiglia - Almond Marseille Soap  

70.00 uah.
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